Paul Mitchell MVRCK Original Pomade Review


  • Good hold, not too stiff or crunchy.
  • Provides all-day hold and can be reworked if needed.


  • Soft, pleasant scent with citrus notes.


  • Wet look application with soft, non-greasy finish.
  • Adds shine and holds messy/curly style all day.


  • The Paul Mitchell MVRCK Original Pomade has a smooth, creamy texture that makes it easy to apply evenly throughout the hair.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Good for thick and coarse hair types, providing natural hold without stiffness or stickiness. May not be suitable for shorter or thinner hair.

Does It Last?

  • Lasts all day, maintains style, adds shine.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • No residue left behind after washing.
  • Easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Use sparingly or risk heavy feeling, especially on thin hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold and shine

This pomade gives my hair a strong hold and a nice shine that lasts all day. I love the way it smells too!

Too greasy

This product left my hair feeling greasy and heavy. It was difficult to wash out and made my hair look dirty.

Easy to apply

The pomade is easy to apply and doesn't leave any residue on my hands. It also doesn't dry out my hair like other products do.

Decent hold, but not great

This pomade provides a decent hold, but it doesn't last all day. It's also a bit more expensive than other similar products.

Caused breakouts

After using this product for a few days, I noticed that it was causing breakouts on my forehead and hairline. I had to stop using it.

Not great for thick hair

I have really thick hair and this pomade didn't provide enough hold for me. It might work better for someone with thinner hair.

Product Summary:

The Paul Mitchell MVRCK Original Pomade is a styling product that provides a strong hold without creating a stiff or crunchy texture. It effectively maintains messy or curly styles throughout the day and offers the flexibility to be reworked as needed. The pomade features a soft, pleasant scent with citrus notes, though the slight alcoholic undertones might not appeal to everyone. Its wet look application results in a soft, non-greasy finish, adding a subtle shine.

Suitable for thick and coarse hair types, it delivers a natural hold without causing stiffness or stickiness. However, it may not be the best fit for shorter or thinner hair. The pomade is long-lasting, with a 4oz jar potentially enduring for a month, offering good value despite its cost. It performs better than brands like Old Spice and American Crew on wavy hair and washes out without leaving residue.

Its smooth, creamy texture ensures easy and even application. To avoid a heavy sensation, particularly on thin hair, it's advisable to use the product sparingly. Overall, the Paul Mitchell MVRCK Original Pomade is akin to a gel, ideal for thick hair and enhancing shine.