Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Gel Review


  • Provides a good hold without making hair heavy or hard.
  • Holds curls all day without leaving a residue or being flaky.


  • The product has a pleasant and attractive smell, which lasts all day.


  • It provides volume to thin hair and holds well.
  • Provides a great feel and appearance to hair.


  • The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Gel has a lightweight and non-greasy texture that is easily absorbed into the hair.
  • It provides a strong and long-lasting hold without leaving any sticky residue or weighing down the hair.


  • $15-$20.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for thin fine hair, providing depth control and manageability.
  • Will also work for thick hair, but not as strong of a hold.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Effortlessly washes off in the shower.

Adding Too Much?

  • Overusing the product can result in a glossy appearance and potential scalp residue.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Long-Lasting

I absolutely love this product! It provides a firm hold that keeps my hair in place all day long. Even in humid weather, my hair stays styled and doesn't frizz. Highly recommend!

Leaves Residue and Stickiness

Unfortunately, this gel leaves a sticky residue in my hair. It feels heavy and greasy, making my hair look dull. I have to wash it out thoroughly to remove the stickiness. Not happy with the results.

Nice Scent and Refreshing Sensation

The Tea Tree scent of this gel is invigorating and refreshing. It gives a tingling sensation on the scalp, which feels amazing. The scent lingers throughout the day, leaving my hair smelling great. Love it!

Decent Hold but Not Exceptional

This gel provides a decent hold for my hair, nothing extraordinary. It keeps my hairstyle intact for a few hours, but I need to reapply later in the day. It's alright, but not the best I've tried.

Strong Chemical Smell

The strong chemical smell of this gel is overpowering and unpleasant. It lingers in my hair and is quite off-putting. I prefer products with a more subtle fragrance. Disappointed with the scent.

Moderate Hold, Average Performance

This gel provides a moderate hold for my hair, but it doesn't last as long as I expected. It's neither outstanding nor disappointing. It's just an average gel that does its job adequately.

Product Summary:

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Gel is a highly effective hair styling product that offers a strong hold without the drawbacks of weighing down or hardening the hair. It is particularly effective for maintaining curls throughout the day without leaving any residue or flakiness. A notable attribute of this gel is its pleasant and lasting scent, which adds to the overall appeal of the product.

Beyond just holding hair in place, the gel is adept at adding volume to thin hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous. This has garnered compliments from others, with many expressing admiration and interest in replicating the styled look it creates. From the first use, the product impresses with its ability to enhance the hair's feel and appearance.

The lightweight, non-greasy texture of the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Gel makes it easy to absorb into the hair, ensuring a strong and lasting hold without sticky residue. Priced between $15 and $20, it is an excellent option for individuals with thin, fine hair, providing control and manageability. It also works well for thick hair, enhancing natural curls and offering styling flexibility.