Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray Review


  • Provides an excellent light-hold.


  • It has a light smell.


  • Provides natural-looking texture and thickness for curly/wavy hair.
  • Lightweight formula prevents greasy appearance and leaves hair manageable.


  • Lightweight formula that leaves hair looking good, suitable for finer hair textures.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Great for styling fine hair, adds instant volume and texture.
  • Works well for limp hair, adds volume and thickness to create different styles.

Does It Last?

  • Provides long-lasting hold without being too excessive, lasting for days even with light touch-ups.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The sea salt spray is easy to wash out after use.

Adding Too Much?

  • Applying too much of the product can make hair fall flat.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding texture

I love how the Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray adds texture to my hair. It gives my hair a beachy, tousled look that lasts all day.

Leaves hair feeling sticky

Unfortunately, the Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray leaves my hair feeling sticky and weighed down. It's not a pleasant texture to touch or style.

Long-lasting hold

The Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray provides a long-lasting hold for my hair. Even in humid conditions, my hairstyle stays intact throughout the day.

Decent results, but nothing extraordinary

I've tried the Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray and it gives me decent results. It adds some texture to my hair, but it's not as impressive as I expected.

Dries out hair

After using the Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray for a while, I noticed that it started to dry out my hair. It made my hair feel brittle and dull.

Doesn't work well with all hair types

I have fine hair and unfortunately, the Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray doesn't work well for me. It tends to make my hair look greasy and flat.

Product Summary:

The Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray is particularly favored for short hair, offering an excellent hold that's versatile for various occasions. It's ideal for those seeking a lighter hold to achieve a casually tousled look. A key highlight of this product is its appealing fragrance, though some users jokingly refer to it as "overpriced amazing smelling water." The scent is noticeable yet not overwhelming, and the spray avoids leaving hair crunchy.

This sea salt spray excels in adding natural-looking texture and thickness to curly or wavy hair. Its lightweight nature prevents a greasy look and keeps hair manageable. It's also beneficial for thinning hair, adding volume and texture, making it a good option for those with finer hair textures.

Priced between $15 and $25, the Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray is competitively positioned in the market. It's highly effective on fine hair, instantly boosting volume and texture. For limp hair, it adds thickness and facilitates various styling options.

One of the product's standout features is its durability, maintaining hair style for days with minimal touch-ups. Users appreciate its long-lasting hold and ease of washing out, though some might need to wash their hair more thoroughly to completely remove the strong scent.

However, caution is advised in its application; excessive use can make it challenging to restore volume without resorting to blow drying. Despite some perceptions of being overpriced, many users find the Pete and Pedro SALT Sea Salt Spray a valuable addition to their styling routine for its effectiveness in providing hold, texture, and volume.