Redken Max Sculpting Gel Review


  • Provides a very strong hold for curls, helping to direct and hold strong hair while drying, offering firm hold without leaving a film.


  • Mild scent that is not bothersome, with a slight alcohol smell detected during application.


  • Eliminates frizz and creates waves instead of a crusty 90s gel look, ideal for achieving spiky styles with control, making hair look fuller without feeling dirty.


  • Ideal for curly hair, providing body and texture, perfect for short hairstyles. For enhanced results, pair with Redken Move Ability 05 Lightweight Defining Cream Paste, starting with a small amount.


  • $15-$20.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for naturally curly hair, providing spiky hold without stiffness or stickiness, and perfect for fine, unmanageable hair, offering strong hold without weighing it down.

Does It Last?

  • Long-lasting formula ensures significant duration, with a generous amount for extended use.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Hair remains flexible and soft, allowing for easy washing every other day, with the ability to dampen hair in the mornings, restyle with additional gel, and still wash out easily.

Adding Too Much?

  • Using too much may result in a crunchy texture when air drying, so it's important to use a small amount to avoid a greasy or hard feel. Excessive use can leave hair dull, dry, and difficult to comb through.

Customer Reviews:

Great for long-lasting hold

The Redken Max Sculpting Gel provides excellent hold throughout the day, keeping my hair in place even in windy conditions. I love how it keeps my hairstyle intact without making it feel stiff or sticky.

Leaves a residue on hair

Unfortunately, the Redken Max Sculpting Gel leaves a noticeable residue on my hair after application. It makes my hair look greasy and weighed down, which is not the look I was going for. I had to wash my hair again to remove the residue completely.

Long-lasting and manageable hold

This product delivers on its promise of providing a long-lasting hold for my hairstyle. Even after a full day of activities, my hair remains perfectly styled without any frizz or flyaways. I appreciate how easy it is to style and manage my hair with the Redken Max Sculpting Gel.

Decent hold but not exceptional

The Redken Max Sculpting Gel offers a decent hold for my hair, but it falls short of my expectations. While it keeps my hairstyle in place for a few hours, it tends to lose its effectiveness throughout the day, requiring touch-ups. It's not the most reliable option for long-lasting hold.

Strong chemical smell

The strong chemical smell of the Redken Max Sculpting Gel is quite off-putting. It lingers in my hair even after application, and the scent is not pleasant. I would prefer a fragrance-free or lightly scented option for a more enjoyable experience.

Average performance with a high price tag

The Redken Max Sculpting Gel performs adequately, providing a decent hold for my hair. However, considering its high price point compared to other similar products on the market, I expected better results. It's an average option with an above-average price.

Product Summary:

Redken Max Sculpting Gel is a hair styling product offering a very strong hold, particularly effective for curl definition and control during drying. While it doesn't have the solidity of Hardwear 16, it provides a firm hold without leaving any filmy residue, although users might encounter issues with the cap leaking. The gel has a mild scent, generally not bothersome, with a slight alcohol aroma noticeable during application.

A major benefit of this gel is its capability to reduce frizz and create waves without the crusty appearance typical of 90s gels. It is especially good for crafting spiky hairstyles, giving hair a fuller look without a dirty feel. The gel also works well for curly hair, adding body and texture, making it suitable for short styles.

For best results, it is recommended to use the Redken Max Sculpting Gel in combination with the Redken Move Ability 05 Lightweight Defining Cream Paste, starting with a small amount. The product is priced between $15 and $20.

It is particularly effective for naturally curly hair, offering spiky hold without causing stiffness or stickiness. The gel is also great for fine, hard-to-manage hair, providing strong hold without adding weight. Its long-lasting formula ensures durability, and the generous quantity provided means the product will last for an extended period.

One advantage of this gel is that hair remains flexible and soft post-application, supporting an every-other-day washing routine. Hair can be dampened and restyled with more gel in the morning and still be easy to wash out. However, caution is advised to avoid applying too much, as this can lead to a crunchy texture when air-dried. A modest amount is recommended to prevent a greasy or hard feeling.

It's important to note that the thick and sticky consistency might not suit everyone. Overuse can result in dull, dry hair that is hard to comb through. Yet, once dry, the gel effectively keeps hair in place, even in strong winds. A small amount of gel can add body to the hair without leaving a sticky residue. Applying a little to the roots, either on wet or dry hair, can also enhance body.