Redken Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Foam Review


  • Perfect for fine hair lacking hold, this product maintains styles effectively, essential for thin, fine hair, ensuring long-lasting curl and shape, eliminating the need for additional hairspray.


  • Pleasant scent that adds volume and addresses split ends effectively, although the recent change in packaging also brought a different fragrance and formula, altering the product's original smell.


  • Provides the perfect amount of lift and body for a natural look and feel without stiffness, ideal for fine hair as it avoids weighing down or looking greasy.


  • Offers a pleasing texture and fullness without greasiness, adding texture and fullness without leaving a greasy residue.


  • $20-$30.

Hair Type

  • Great for fine and thin hair, providing volume and lift at the roots, but may not work effectively for those with a lot of fine hair.

Does It Last?

  • The generous size of the bottle ensures long-lasting use, designed to provide lasting results with ample quantity.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Requires more frequent washing due to product buildup, necessitating regular washing after application.

Adding Too Much?

  • Over-application can make hands and hair feel sticky, even after drying, and its weight may not be ideal for travel, depending on personal preference.

Customer Reviews:

Great Volume Boost

This root lifter spray foam is amazing! It gives my hair so much volume and lift without weighing it down. I love how it adds the perfect amount of body to my hair and keeps it looking voluminous all day long.

Disappointing Results

I had high hopes for this root lifter spray foam, but it didn't deliver the volume it promised. My hair felt sticky and heavy after using it, and the lift didn't last more than a few hours. I was hoping for better results considering the price.

Natural Looking Volume

This root lifter spray foam gives my hair a natural-looking volume that I love. It doesn't leave any residue or make my hair feel stiff. I can easily style my hair after using it, and the volume lasts throughout the day. Highly recommend!

Decent Lift, Average Hold

The root lifter spray foam provides a decent lift to my roots, giving my hair some extra volume. However, I wish it had better hold as my hair tends to lose its lift after a few hours. It's an okay product, but not the best for long-lasting volume.

Unpleasant Scent

The scent of this root lifter spray foam is quite overpowering and unpleasant. It lingers in my hair throughout the day, which is not a pleasant experience. I wish the fragrance was more subtle or at least more pleasant. Disappointed with the scent.

Moderate Volume Boost

This root lifter spray foam provides a moderate volume boost to my hair. It's not the most dramatic lift, but it adds a subtle amount of body to my roots. The texture of the foam is lightweight and easy to distribute. Overall, it's an average product.

Product Summary:

The Redken Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Foam is tailored for fine hair that requires extra hold. It successfully maintains hairstyles, providing long-lasting curls and shape, thus reducing the need for extra hair spray. Although this spray foam has a pleasant scent that contributes to added volume and helps with split ends, a recent change in its packaging has resulted in a modified fragrance and formula, deviating from its original aroma.

This product excels in offering the right amount of lift and body, enabling a natural look and feel without any stiffness. It's particularly beneficial for fine hair, as it doesn't weigh it down or give it a greasy appearance. The spray foam enhances texture and fullness without leaving behind a greasy residue. It is priced between $20 and $30, making it an affordable option for those seeking volume and lift.

Although it performs well for fine and thin hair, adding volume and lift at the roots, its effectiveness might be limited for individuals with a lot of fine hair. The bottle's generous size means it lasts for a long time, but this also leads to more frequent hair washing due to product buildup. Regular application after washing hair necessitates more frequent shampooing. Excessive use of the product can result in sticky hands and hair, even after drying. While its size may not make it the most travel-friendly option, this is subjective and depends on personal needs and preferences.