Reuzel Blue Strong Hold Water Soluble Pomade Review


  • Excellent strong hold.


  • Some find the smell unpleasant, describing it as a cheap vanilla candle scent.


  • Provides a fresh and cool look with little shine, perfect for those who prefer a more matte appearance.
  • Holds hair in place all day without making it look overly styled or greasy, giving a natural finish.


  • The pomade has a smooth and creamy texture, making it easy to apply and distribute.
  • It provides a strong hold while still remaining pliable, allowing for easy restyling throughout the day without stiffness or crunchiness.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Works well on thick and wavy/curly hair, providing strong hold all day.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The REUZEL Blue Pomade is easy to wash out, leaving your hair feeling clean and fresh.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive use of the product can result in a stiff and dry hair texture, making it difficult to recomb.
  • It is recommended to apply the product on wet or damp hair to avoid pulling or tugging, as it tends to dry quickly.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Easy to Wash Out

I love how this pomade keeps my hair in place all day long without feeling heavy or greasy. It provides a strong hold that lasts even in humid weather. The best part is that it's water soluble, so it washes out easily without leaving any residue.

Leaves a Sticky Residue

Unfortunately, this pomade leaves a sticky residue in my hair that is difficult to wash out. It also weighs my hair down and makes it look greasy. I had high hopes for this product, but I'm disappointed with the results.

Nice Scent and Easy to Style

The scent of this pomade is fantastic and lasts throughout the day. It's also very easy to style my hair with this product. It provides a strong hold without making my hair feel stiff or crunchy. I highly recommend it.

Decent Hold, but Not Long Lasting

This pomade gives my hair a decent hold, but it doesn't last as long as I had hoped. I find myself having to reapply it multiple times throughout the day to keep my hairstyle in place. It's not the worst product, but it's not the best either.

Difficult to Apply Evenly

I struggle to apply this pomade evenly in my hair. It tends to clump up in certain areas and leaves other areas untouched. This results in an uneven and messy look. I've tried different application techniques, but I still can't achieve the desired outcome.

Moderate Hold, but Dries Out Hair

This pomade provides a moderate hold and helps me style my hair. However, I've noticed that it tends to dry out my hair and leave it feeling brittle. I have to use additional products to moisturize my hair, which is inconvenient.

Product Summary:

Reuzel Blue Strong Hold Water Soluble Pomade is known for its excellent strong hold, suitable for maintaining styles throughout the day. However, its scent, likened to a cheap vanilla candle, may not be to everyone's taste. The pomade offers a fresh, cool appearance with minimal shine, making it a good choice for those who prefer a matte look. It allows hair to retain a natural look without appearing overly styled or oily.

Its creamy texture facilitates easy application and even distribution, providing a strong hold while remaining pliable for restyling. Priced between $15 and $25, this pomade works particularly well for thick, wavy, or curly hair. Its lasting hold ensures style endurance, and it washes out easily at the end of the day. However, users should be cautious with the amount applied to avoid stiffness and dryness. For optimal results, it's recommended to apply the pomade to damp hair to prevent tugging, as it tends to dry quickly.