Reuzel Hairspray Grooming Tonic Review


  • Provides a light hold with a pleasant scent, making hair more manageable and offering excellent hold without the crunchiness or greasiness of gel or wax, while maintaining a natural feel.


  • Pleasant and sweet aroma.


  • Provides easy application for a modern look, suitable for all hair types, with a natural appearance, making it a standout feature of this hair spray.


  • The Reuzel Hairspray Grooming Tonic has a lightweight, non-greasy, slightly sticky texture that adds volume and hold without leaving hair stiff or crunchy.


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Great for all hair types.

Does It Last?

  • The Reuzel Hairspray Grooming Tonic is formulated for long-lasting hold and control, maintaining effectiveness for several hours, suitable for all-day styling and grooming.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily washable, convenient for daily use without residue or buildup, and effortlessly removable during shampooing for a clean and fresh start every time.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair can become sticky and flat.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Versatility

This grooming tonic provides an excellent hold for my hair throughout the day. It keeps my hairstyle in place without feeling stiff or heavy. I also love that it can be used for different styles, whether I want a sleek look or a more textured and tousled style.

Strong Chemical Smell

The strong chemical smell of this grooming tonic is a major drawback for me. It's quite overpowering and lingers in my hair even after application. I find it unpleasant and it clashes with any cologne or fragrance I wear. I wish the scent was more subtle or pleasant.

Long-Lasting Hold

This grooming tonic truly delivers on its promise of long-lasting hold. Even in humid weather or during physical activities, my hair stays in place without any need for touch-ups. I appreciate not having to worry about my hairstyle falling apart throughout the day.

Average Performance

This grooming tonic provides an average performance for me. It does the job of keeping my hair in place, but nothing exceptional. While it doesn't disappoint, it also doesn't stand out among other grooming products I've tried. It's a decent option for everyday use.

Leaves Residue and Build-Up

One major issue I have with this grooming tonic is that it leaves a noticeable residue and build-up in my hair. It feels sticky and greasy, making my hair look and feel unclean. It requires frequent washing to remove the build-up, which is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Decent Versatility

This grooming tonic offers a decent level of versatility. It allows me to create different hairstyles and provides some flexibility in styling. However, I've found that it doesn't work as well for more intricate or complex styles. It's better suited for simpler and more casual looks.

Product Summary:

The Reuzel Hairspray Grooming Tonic stands out for its ability to provide light hold, enhancing hair manageability while maintaining a natural feel. Its formula successfully avoids the crunchiness or greasiness typical of gels or waxes. While the scent is generally well-received, offering a pleasant experience, some users may find it too strong, affecting its overall appeal.

Applying this grooming tonic is straightforward, and it’s well-suited for all hair types. Its standout feature is the natural look it imparts, thanks to its lightweight, non-greasy texture. The product has a slight stickiness that contributes to volume and hold, without leaving hair stiff or crunchy.

Priced between $10-$20, the tonic is a great choice for various hair types, known for its effectiveness and enjoyable fragrance. For best results, it's recommended to apply it with hands rather than directly onto the hair, as the atomizer might not be as smooth as desired.

Formulated for long-lasting hold and control, this tonic can keep hair styled for several hours, making it ideal for all-day use. Its easy washability adds to its convenience, ensuring no residue or buildup is left in the hair.

In summary, the Reuzel Hairspray Grooming Tonic offers a balance of lightweight hold and ease of styling, without causing stickiness. It's sweat-resistant, non-irritating to the eyes, and doesn’t dry on the forehead, making it a comfortable choice for daily grooming.