Reuzel Matte Texture Powder Review


  • Provides a long-lasting hold that stays intact throughout the day and evening.
  • Offers a flexible hold, ensuring hair maintains its shape even when touched or styled.


  • Unpleasant scent.


  • Provides natural texture, enhances volume and thickness of hair.


  • Provides improved texture and easier styling, particularly beneficial for those with thin hair.
  • Effective in adding texture and lift to the hair, making it an excellent choice for a texture powder.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Enhances volume and thickness for mature hair, providing a fuller appearance.
  • Ideal for individuals with aging hair, creating a thicker texture and fuller look.

Does It Last?

  • Reuzel Matte Texture Powder is designed to provide long-lasting hold and texture to your hair.
  • This product is specifically formulated to absorb excess oils and add volume to your hair, making it last throughout the day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Challenging to wash out depending on shampoo.

Adding Too Much?

  • Using too much of this product can make hair feel dry and similar to using dry shampoo.
  • Excessive use of this product can leave hair feeling sticky like glue.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding volume

I love how the Reuzel Matte Texture Powder instantly adds volume to my hair. It gives my hair a natural-looking lift without weighing it down. Highly recommend!

Leaves white residue

I was disappointed with the Reuzel Matte Texture Powder as it leaves a noticeable white residue on my dark hair. It's difficult to blend in and makes my hair look dull and powdery.

Long-lasting hold

The Reuzel Matte Texture Powder provides a long-lasting hold for my hair. Even after a full day of activities, my hair stays in place and maintains its style. Impressive!

Subtle texture boost

The Reuzel Matte Texture Powder gives a slight texture boost to my hair. It's not too dramatic, but it adds a nice touch of dimension and grip for easier styling.

Dries out hair

Unfortunately, the Reuzel Matte Texture Powder tends to dry out my hair. It leaves my strands feeling rough and lacking moisture. I have to compensate with extra conditioning.

Decent but not outstanding

The Reuzel Matte Texture Powder is decent for adding some texture to my hair, but it doesn't wow me. It's just an average product that does the job without any exceptional results.

Product Summary:

The Reuzel Matte Texture Powder offers lasting hold and flexibility, ideal for reshaping and styling hair throughout the day. Despite concerns about its scent and tendency to emit white flakes, many users find it unscented and user-friendly. Its fine texture necessitates multiple applications for achieving the desired look, yet only a small amount is needed per use. This product excels in enhancing hair volume and thickness, making it particularly beneficial for those with thin hair.

Priced between $15 to $25, the Reuzel Matte Texture Powder is particularly effective in adding lift and texture, thereby improving the overall appearance of hair, especially for mature individuals. It works by absorbing excess oils and providing volume, ensuring styles hold all day.

While it can be somewhat challenging to wash out, depending on the shampoo used, its effectiveness generally outweighs the messiness of application. Hand washing post-use is advised due to this. Users should be cautious with the amount applied, as overuse can lead to dryness and a feeling similar to dry shampoo. It's ideal for oily hair or adding volume without a wet or crispy appearance. However, too much can leave hair feeling sticky. Unlike paste that offers a dry look, over-application of this powder can result in a glue-like texture.