Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray Review


  • Provides a nice shine and hold, though the hold may not last the entire day, but works well as a prestyler, adding a bit of hold and volume throughout the day.


  • The Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray has a refreshing ocean breeze scent, creating a beachy aroma that is pleasant and not overpowering, allowing for an enjoyable experience.


  • Provides a natural and effortless look, which is appealing and desirable.


  • The texture may not be very effective on thick hair but can provide a touch of desired texture, even on thick hair, with just a few spritzes.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for curly hair, especially for shoulder-length curls, providing excellent hold and control.

Does It Last?

  • Designed for long-lasting hold and texture, the Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray ensures hairstyles stay intact throughout the day, perfect for achieving tousled, beachy waves or curls with natural ingredients.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Incredibly easy to wash out, saving time and effort in hair care, effortlessly dissolving with a simple rinse, leaving no residue for a clean and manageable hair feel.

Adding Too Much?

  • Apply the spray on wet hair, brush it and let it dry for an all-day hold without any heaviness.
  • Unlike other sea salt sprays, it won't leave your hair shiny, greasy, or weighed down.

Customer Reviews:

Great beachy waves!

I absolutely love the Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray! It gives my hair the perfect beachy waves that last all day. It adds volume and texture without making my hair feel stiff or crunchy. Highly recommend!

Disappointing hold

I had high hopes for the Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray, but unfortunately, it didn't provide the strong hold that I was looking for. My hair started losing its style within a couple of hours. Not suitable for those who need long-lasting hold.

Natural-looking waves

The Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray is perfect for achieving natural-looking waves. It gives my hair a subtle, effortless texture and holds the style in place without feeling heavy. I love how my hair looks and feels with this product!

Decent product, but not a game-changer

The Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray does an okay job at adding some texture to my hair. It's not the best hairspray I've tried, but it's also not the worst. It's a decent product, but I wouldn't say it's a game-changer in terms of hairstyling.

Leaves residue and stickiness

Unfortunately, the Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray leaves a residue in my hair and makes it feel sticky. It's quite unpleasant and makes me feel like I need to wash my hair right after using it. Not a fan of the texture it gives.

Average performance

The Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray is neither outstanding nor terrible. It does an okay job at creating some texture, but it doesn't wow me. I have mixed feelings about this product as it doesn't provide the desired results consistently.

Product Summary:

The Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray offers a pleasing shine and hold, though its holding power might not extend for the entire day. As a prestyler, it is effective in adding a moderate hold and volume that lasts throughout the day. The hairspray is characterized by a refreshing ocean breeze scent, providing a beachy and invigorating aroma. This fragrance is mild and enjoyable, contributing to a pleasant user experience without being overwhelming.

The product is excellent for achieving a natural and effortless look, which is both appealing and desirable. While its texture may not be highly effective on thick hair, it can still impart a touch of the desired texture. Even for those with thick hair, a few sprays can add the right amount of texture.

Suitable for curly hair, the Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray works well in keeping shoulder-length curls in place. It is particularly useful for men with shoulder-length curly hair, providing strong hold and control. Designed to ensure long-lasting hold and texture, it helps maintain your hairstyle throughout the day. The hairspray's formulation with natural ingredients aids in achieving a tousled, beachy look, ideal for creating effortless, lasting waves or curls.

A notable advantage of this hairspray is its ease of washing out, which simplifies the hair care routine. A quick rinse is sufficient to completely remove the product, leaving no residue and maintaining the hair's clean and manageable state.

For best results, apply the Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray to wet hair, brush through, and allow to dry for an all-day hold that is free from heaviness. In contrast to some sea salt sprays, this hairspray doesn't leave hair shiny, greasy, or weighed down, ensuring a natural, comfortable hold.