• Strong hold for all day styling.
  • Hold with a matte finish.


  • Perfumey scent with hints of clay, not overpowering or unnatural. Smell lingers and can be strong.


  • Matte finish that's not overly dry.
  • Provides a natural look without greasiness.


  • It has a non-sticky and non-greasy formula that provides a natural-looking hold without leaving any residue.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Best for wavy/curly hair.
  • Great for medium to long hair.
  • Holds thin hair well.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Water-soluble formula for easy washing.

Adding Too Much?

  • Overuse can result in stickiness and difficulty cleaning. Heavy product may cause stiffness and unpleasant smell.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold

I love the hold that this product gives my hair. It lasts all day and doesn't feel heavy or greasy.

Difficult to Apply

This product is very difficult to apply evenly. It clumps up in certain areas and leaves others without any hold.

Natural Look

I appreciate that this product gives my hair a natural, matte look. It doesn't look like I have a lot of product in my hair.

Decent Hold

This product gives a decent hold, but it's not the best I've ever tried. It's good for everyday use.

Dries Out Hair

After using this product for a few weeks, I noticed that my hair was becoming dry and brittle. I had to stop using it.

Decent Texture

I like the texture that this product gives my hair, but it's not my favorite product overall.

Product Summary:

SEVEN POTIONS Clay is a hair styling clay known for its strong hold and matte finish. It features a perfumey scent with hints of clay, which is noticeable but not overwhelming or unnatural. For some users, the scent lingers but fades relatively quickly. This product is effective for achieving a natural look without greasiness, making it suitable for messy styles, especially in hot weather.

Its smooth, creamy texture makes the clay easy to apply to hair. The non-sticky, non-greasy formula ensures a natural-looking hold without leaving any residue. Priced between $15 and $25, it offers good value. SEVEN POTIONS Clay is particularly effective for wavy or curly hair and works well for medium to long hair lengths. It holds thin hair firmly and provides a natural finish without being tacky, making it a solid choice for medium-length curly hair.

The product maintains its hold throughout the day and is also ideal for short, coarse hair. It comes in a generously sized tin, offering long-lasting use. However, some users find the new scent unpleasant and prefer the original fragrance. The product generally lasts about 3 months or longer, although there have been changes in the ingredients. Despite this, its natural formula keeps hair from feeling unpleasant.

It's water-soluble, washing out easily without the need for special shampoo—just water suffices. Overuse can lead to stickiness and cleaning difficulties, and a heavy application may cause stiffness and an unpleasant smell.