Smooth Viking Forming Cream Review


  • Hold isn't great.
  • Only for a couple hours at most.
  • Easily apply in both wet or dry hair.
  • More of a paste than a cream.
  • Bottom line, don't use too much and this product will work great for you (if you don't have


  • Has a strong smell.


  • Dries to matte finish, but I experienced the shine lasted.


  • Doesn't harden in hair like hair spray but has the same hold.
  • Feels more like wax.
  • Easy to spread in hands, consistency feels smooth.


  • Not expensive.

Hair Type

  • Not for long hair or thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • Doesn't last all day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily rinses off with just water.
  • Water soluble.

Adding Too Much?

  • Not easy to spread in hair.
  • Add too much and hair can look greasy.
  • Heavy and sticky.

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