Smooth Viking Forming Cream Review


  • Hold isn't great.
  • Only for a couple hours at most.
  • Easily apply in both wet or dry hair.
  • More of a paste than a cream.
  • Bottom line, don't use too much and this product will work great for you.


  • Has a strong smell.


  • Dries to matte finish, but I experienced the shine lasted.


  • Doesn't harden in hair like hair spray but has the same hold.
  • Feels more like wax.
  • Easy to spread in hands, consistency feels smooth.


  • Not expensive.

Hair Type

  • Not for long hair or thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • Doesn't last all day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily rinses off with just water.
  • Water soluble.

Adding Too Much?

  • Not easy to spread in hair.
  • Add too much and hair can look greasy.
  • Heavy and sticky.

Smooth Viking Cream is a paste-like product that is easy to apply to both wet and dry hair. It has a strong smell and dries to a matte finish, but the shine lasts. It has a hold similar to hair spray, but without the hardening effect. It feels more like wax and is easy to spread in hands. It is not expensive and not suitable for long or thick hair. It does not last all day and is easily rinsed off with just water. It is water soluble, but not easy to spread in hair. If too much is used, it can make the hair look greasy. It is heavy and sticky.

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