Suave Professional Styling Paste Review


Medium to strong natural hold.


Strong smell that can linger through mid-day.


Semi-gloss to matte look. A tad shiny and/or greasy.


Light texture and volume.


Affordable. Similar but cheaper version of American Crew Defining Paste.

Hair Type

Can be applied in wet or dry hair. Easier to apply when damp. Can be used with short or longer hair.

Does It Last?

This paste will hold a natural look throughout the day. Doesn't hold up in humidity.

Easy To Wash Out?

Washes out easily.

Adding Too Much?

Make sure to apply in stages or your hair can look white with product. This product is very thick and needs to be warmed up in your hands. Easy to work though hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great Texture and Hold

I'm thrilled with how this paste enhances my hair's texture and provides an excellent hold. It helps me to style my hair just the way I want, and the style stays put throughout the day. Definitely a product I'd recommend!

Difficult to Rinse Out

While the styling paste does give a good hold, I find it very hard to rinse out. Even after washing my hair multiple times, there's still a residue left behind. I wish it was easier to wash off.

Impressive Matte Finish

I love how this styling paste gives my hair a nice, matte finish. It doesn't make my hair look greasy or shiny, just natural and well-styled. It's just what I've been looking for in a hair product.

Good, Not Great

The styling paste is okay. It holds my hair in place decently and doesn't leave it feeling sticky. However, it doesn't give me that "wow" factor. It does its job, but there's nothing exceptional about it.

Unpleasant Scent

The major downside for me is the scent. It's quite overpowering and not to my taste. Despite the good hold and texture, I find the smell off-putting enough that I won't be purchasing again.

Average Performance

This product provides an average performance. It gives a decent hold and doesn't make my hair too stiff. However, it doesn't stand out from other products I've used before. It's not bad.

Product Summary:

Suave Styling Paste offers a medium to strong hold and is known for its distinctive smell, which can persist until mid-day. It creates a semi-gloss to matte finish, providing a light texture and volume to the hair. As an affordable alternative to American Crew Defining Paste, it caters to both short and long hair types. The paste is most effective when applied to damp hair and can be easily worked through for even distribution.

It is designed to maintain a natural look throughout the day, though its hold might not be as effective in humid conditions. The product is easy to wash out, but users should be cautious to apply it in stages to avoid a white, over-saturated look from the product. Due to its thick consistency, it's important to warm the paste in your hands before applying it to the hair for smoother application and better results.