Surface Hair Push Styling Powder Review


  • Flexible & strong hold.


  • Pleasant scent.


  • Fuller, healthier look that lasts all day.
  • Piecey look.


  • Adds volume & definition.
  • Adds softness & shine.
  • Enhances natural texture.


  • Price tag is too high ($35).

Hair Type

  • Not ideal feel for fine hair.
  • Good for thick hair.
  • Good for straight or short hair needing volume.

Does It Last?

  • Lasts all day with proper use.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair becomes sticky when too much is used.

Customer Reviews:

Great Volume Booster

This styling powder is a great volume booster for my hair. It adds instant lift and texture, making my hair look fuller and more voluminous. It's easy to apply and doesn't weigh down my hair. I love the natural-looking results it provides and how long-lasting the volume is. A must-have for anyone wanting to achieve a fuller hairstyle.

Leaves Residue and Dullness

One downside of this styling powder is that it leaves a residue in my hair, making it feel dull and weighed down. Even with careful application, it's challenging to distribute the powder evenly, resulting in clumps and uneven texture. The residue also builds up over time, making my hair look greasy. Not ideal for those seeking a clean and lightweight finish.

Quick and Easy Application

This styling powder offers quick and easy application. It's convenient to use, and a little goes a long way. I simply sprinkle a small amount onto my roots and massage it in for instant volume and texture. It doesn't require any heat or extensive styling, making it a time-saving option for achieving a desired hairstyle on busy mornings.

Moderate Hold

This styling powder provides a moderate hold for my hair. It helps to create some structure and control, but it may not be strong enough for more intricate or elaborate styles. It's suitable for achieving a natural and effortless look without excessive stiffness or crunchiness. Works well for both short and long hair lengths.

Difficult to Blend and Distribute

One drawback of this styling powder is that it is difficult to blend and distribute evenly in the hair. It tends to clump and leave visible white streaks, especially in darker hair colors. Achieving a seamless application requires extra effort and thorough blending. Not recommended for those who prefer a hassle-free and foolproof styling product.

Subtle Texturizing Effect

This styling powder provides a subtle texturizing effect to my hair. It adds a touch of grip and definition without creating a highly textured or gritty look. It's suitable for those who prefer a more natural and subdued texture. However, for those seeking a more dramatic and pronounced texturized style, alternative products may offer better results.

Product Summary:

Surface Hair Push Styling Powder is a versatile hair styling product designed to provide strong and flexible hold, maintaining fullness for up to two days. It has a pleasant scent, described as light and refreshing, enhancing the overall styling experience.

This styling powder is particularly effective in adding volume and definition, while also imparting softness and shine to hair. It enhances the natural texture of hair, making it an excellent choice for thin, fine hair. It also works well for flat, oily, or thick hair, as well as straight or short hair that requires additional volume.

Despite its higher price tag of $35, Surface Hair Push Styling Powder is noted for its long-lasting qualities, with proper use leading to extended longevity. The small container size also contributes to its lasting use. It's important to wash the powder out of hair thoroughly, and its use can reduce the need for frequent washing. However, it's not intended as a substitute for dry shampoo and may not be ideal for heavier, baby-fine hair types. Users should be cautious with the amount applied, as overuse can result in hair becoming sticky. Overall, the product offers good value for its performance and quality.