Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel Review


  • Good hold, easy to run hand through hair.


  • Pleasant smell, lasts all day.


  • Provides stylish look.
  • Makes hair feel and look great.
  • Holds hair in place with a slight wet look.


  • Adds volume and body.
  • Provides a matte, textured finish.


  • Product can be found for a little less than $20.

Hair Type

  • Best hold for thick hair, not too heavy.
  • OK for thin fine hair with depth control.
  • Ideal for curly and thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash off.

Adding Too Much?

  • Too much product makes hair glossy and leaves residue.

Customer Reviews:

Glossy Residue

I found that this product leaves a glossy sheen and residue if you use too much. It made my hair look unnaturally shiny and was hard to manage.

Solid, but Not Exceptional

It's a decent hair product. The smell is nice, and it does give my hair a stylish look. But there's nothing that really makes it stand out from other similar gels.

Good for Thick Hair

The product provides good hold for my thick hair and leaves it with a slight wet look. I don't mind the look, but it might not be for everyone. It's easy to wash out, which is a plus.

Great for Fine Hair

As someone with thin, fine hair, I find that this product works wonders. It adds volume and body without weighing my hair down..

Not for Thin Hair

Despite claims, I found that this product isn't ideal for thin hair. It just made my hair feel heavy and didn't add much volume or body.

Product Summary:

Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel stands out as a hair styling product that offers a strong hold without the drawbacks of flaking or excessive strength, which can be issues with other brands like Tresmmé or Sebastian. Its formulation allows for easy application, smoothly running through hair, making it a user-friendly choice.

Especially beneficial for those with thick hair, this gel adds volume while avoiding the heaviness that can sometimes accompany volumizing products. Users appreciate the pleasant fragrance of the gel, which not only lasts all day but also contributes to the overall attractiveness of the product.

The gel excels in creating stylish looks, securely holding hair in place. It is particularly effective for achieving a wet look and is capable of producing tousled, beachy waves. It also provides a matte, textured finish, adding both volume and body to various hair types.

Priced around $20, the Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel is well-suited for thin, fine hair, offering depth control, as well as for curly and thick hair. The inclusion of natural ingredients like tea tree oil is a significant benefit, adding to the product's appeal for those seeking more natural hair care solutions.

Another advantage is its longevity, both in terms of the product's shelf life (lasting years) and its hold duration. It is also conveniently washable, easily rinsing out in the shower, though it's recommended to wash hands before blow drying.

Unlike some gels that can leave hair glossy with residue, this product manages to avoid these issues, providing a good hold without a greasy feel or excessive shine. This balance makes it an excellent option for those seeking effective hold without compromising on the natural look and feel of their hair.