TIGI Bed Head Matte Wax Review


  • High hold and nongreasy finish.


  • Subtle smell.


  • Keeps hair in place and adds volume.
  • Works for thick & short hair.


  • Adds soft texture with manageability.
  • Adds body to your hair.


  • Great quality product at an affordable price.

Hair Type

  • Great control for wavy & thick hair.
  • Perfect for short & fine hair too.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out of hair.

Adding Too Much?

  • Can become greasy and sticky with overuse.

Customer Reviews:

Long-Lasting, Natural Look

I am truly pleased with its performance. It gives a nice natural, matte finish and the hold lasts all day long. It's exactly what I've been searching for in a hair styling product.

Difficult to Rinse Out

Although it styles my hair well, it's very difficult to rinse out at the end of the day. It tends to leave a residue in my hair, which requires a thorough wash to remove, which can be quite a hassle.

No Flaking, Great Hold

I love the fact that it doesn't flake throughout the day and maintains a great hold. My hair feels soft, yet the style stays in place. It's a great product, and I would recommend it!

Good, but Not Perfect

It's a good product overall. It provides decent hold and a matte finish. However, I don't think it's exceptional. There's room for improvement, especially when it comes to rinsing it out.

Strong, Unpleasant Scent

The biggest drawback for me is the scent. It's quite strong and not very pleasant. I prefer my hair products to either be unscented or to have a light, pleasing scent, and this one doesn't fit the bill.

Average, Could be Better

The product is okay. It does give a matte finish and hold the hair in place, but the strong scent and difficulty in rinsing it out make the overall experience just average.

Product Summary:

Tigi Bed Head Matte Wax is designed to offer a natural-looking, matte finish, coupled with a strong hold that lasts throughout the day. This product is versatile, working particularly well for curly hair, and providing excellent control for thick and wavy hair types. Its formulation allows for easy washing out, contributing to added softness and manageability in the hair.

However, users should be careful with the quantity applied, as using too much can lead to a matte finish, along with greasiness and stickiness. Finding the right balance in application is key to achieving the desired effect without these negative outcomes. The product has a brisk or subtle scent, which is not overpowering, making it pleasant to use. Additionally, Tigi Bed Head Matte Wax is recognized for its affordability, offering a quality styling solution without a hefty price tag.