TIGI Bed Head Salty Not Sorry texturizing Salt Spray Review


  • Offers a long-lasting strong hold.


  • Light fragrance, barely noticeable, fades during the day.
  • Pleasant fresh scent, not overpowering, easy on sensitive noses.


  • Creates a messy, beachy look with volume, taming flyaways effortlessly.
  • Gives hair a natural, textured appearance, enhancing waves beautifully.


  • Adds texture and volume to fine hair, reducing frizz and adding shine.
  • Creates definition to curls, leaving a natural, non-greasy finish.


  • $15-$20.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for fine hair, enhancing wavy texture and providing a pleasant scent.

Does It Last?

  • Need to use a good amount, for an all day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The TIGI Bed Head Salty Not Sorry texturizing Salt Spray is easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Using excessive amount makes hair look greasy.
  • Fine hair may become limp and lose texture.

Customer Reviews:

Love the Beachy Waves

The spray creates gorgeous beachy waves that last all day without feeling crunchy or sticky.

Too Drying for My Hair

Unfortunately, the spray left my hair feeling overly dry and even a bit brittle after use.

Great Volume Boost

This spray adds amazing volume to my hair, making it look fuller and more textured.

Decent Hold, Not Ideal for Fine Hair

The spray provides a decent hold, but it may weigh down fine hair a bit too much.

Leaves Residue Behind

Unfortunately, I noticed that the spray tends to leave a visible residue on my hair, making it look dull.

Average Texturizing Effect

The spray gives a moderate texturizing effect, nothing extraordinary but not disappointing either.

Product Summary:

The TIGI Bed Head Salty Not Sorry Texturizing Salt Spray is celebrated for its long-lasting strong hold, which provides a messy, beachy look with added volume and a natural, textured appearance. It enhances waves beautifully and is particularly ideal for fine hair. The spray offers a light fragrance that is pleasant and not overpowering, fading gently throughout the day, making it suitable for sensitive noses.

With a price range of $15-$20, this product stands out by adding texture and volume, reducing frizz, and providing a natural, non-greasy finish. It effectively tames flyaways, adds shine, and defines curls. Despite its strong hold, a good amount is needed to maintain the style all day, and it is easy to wash out without leaving any residue.

However, users should be cautious of overapplication, as excessive use can lead to greasy-looking hair or cause fine hair to become limp and lose its texture. The spray's versatility and effectiveness in enhancing wavy textures, combined with its pleasant scent, make it a valuable addition to hair care routines, especially for those seeking to achieve a natural, beachy look.