• Offers a light but effective hold that lasts most of the day, providing good hold and a matte finish, ideal for holding down unruly hair.


  • The smell has a slight chemical scent.


  • Provides a clean and stylish appearance, ensuring a professional look.


  • The texture is similar to a thick glue stick that goes on clear with no shine when applied to dry hair.


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Best for shorter hairs on the sides or for styling fine hair, providing structure and rigidity for men's hairstyles, especially for thick and hard-to-control hair.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The pomade can be sticky and difficult to wash off hands, but it rinses out easily from hair.

Adding Too Much?

  • Leaves no greasy residue, easy to apply, with a mild shine and good hold; adjusting the amount used reduces greasiness and it works great, providing control without shine.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold and long-lasting

I absolutely love the TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE. It provides a strong hold that lasts all day, keeping my hair styled exactly how I want it. No need to reapply throughout the day. Highly recommended!

Disappointing scent

Although the TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE is effective in styling my hair, I find the scent to be quite unpleasant. It has a strong chemical smell that lingers throughout the day, which is not what I expected from a hair product. I wish they would improve the fragrance.

Easy to apply and non-greasy

The TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE is incredibly easy to apply and leaves no greasy residue. It glides smoothly through my hair and provides a natural finish. I appreciate how it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look overly shiny. Definitely a top-notch pomade!

Decent hold, but not exceptional

The TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE offers a decent hold for my hair, but it's not as strong as I had hoped. While it does provide some control, I find that my hair tends to lose its shape after a few hours. It might work better for shorter hairstyles or those looking for a more relaxed hold.

Difficult to wash out

One drawback of the TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE is how difficult it is to wash out of my hair. Even after multiple shampooing, there is still some residue left behind. It feels heavy and sticky, which is quite frustrating. I wish it was easier to remove completely.

Moderate hold and average performance

The TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE provides a moderate hold and performs adequately for everyday styling. It's neither exceptional nor disappointing. While it doesn't stand out from other similar products in the market, it also doesn't have any major flaws. It's a decent option if you're looking for a basic pomade.

Product Summary:

The TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE is an effective styling product that provides a light but substantial hold, making it ideal for managing unruly hair throughout the day. It imparts a matte finish, ensuring a well-groomed look. While its fragrance is generally pleasing, some users may find it too strong or slightly chemical.

This pomade is great for achieving a neat, professional appearance, thanks to its long-lasting hold and fresh bergamot scent. Its unique texture resembles a thick glue stick or gel-putty, yet it applies clear and shine-free on dry hair.

Priced between $10 and $20, the pomade offers good value, especially suited for styling shorter hair or managing fine strands. Its robust formula particularly benefits thick and hard-to-tame hair, providing structure and rigidity to men's hairstyles. Its durability ensures prolonged use, depending on hair type.

Outperforming similar products in hold duration, TRENDSTARTER DRY POMADE is a favorite among users, including teenagers, for post-haircut styling. While it might be sticky on the hands, it's easily washable from hair, leaving no greasy after-effect. Users can adjust the amount applied to reduce any potential greasiness, enjoying the control it offers without excessive shine.