Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder Review


  • Provides great hold with a natural look.
  • Reworkable, lasts all day.


  • No noticeable scent.


  • Gives hair a matte look & semipliable feel.
  • Can create voluminous looks.


  • Adds lift and volume.
  • Enhances natural curls.
  • Creates definition and texture.


  • Around $20.

Hair Type

  • Best for fine & thin hair.
  • Adds body to fine hair.
  • Can't hold thick hair as well.

Does It Last?

  • Product can last all day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Difficult to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Not greasy, but still sticky and heavy.
  • Dry and doing restyles is difficult.
  • Leaves hair feeling like dry hay.

Customer Reviews:

Great Volume and Texture

I'm really pleased with the volume and texture it provides. It's like a magic trick for my hair - a small amount puffs up into a lot of volume. The texture is also fantastic, leaving my hair looking naturally tousled.

A Bit Difficult to Apply

I find the application process a bit tricky. It's not as easy to distribute evenly as a cream or paste, and sometimes I end up with too much in one spot and not enough in another. It takes a bit of practice to get it right.

Lightweight and Comfortable

I love how lightweight it feels in my hair. Unlike some products that can feel heavy and sticky, this one is comfortable to wear all day. It's like I've got nothing in my hair at all.

Decent, but Application Could Be Better

The styling powder provides a good amount of volume and texture and feels light in the hair. However, the application process is not the easiest, especially if you're used to cream or paste products. It takes a bit of getting used to.

Not Great for Longer Hair

While I appreciate the volume and lightweight feel, I find it doesn't work as well for my longer hair. It's hard to get even distribution, and my hair doesn't stay styled as long as I'd like. Might be better suited for shorter hair styles.

A Mixed Experience

Overall, my feelings are mixed. I love the volume and texture it gives my hair, and the lightweight feel is a major plus. However, the application process can be tricky and it doesn't hold styles as well in longer hair.

Product Summary:

UPPERCUT DELUXE Styling Powder is a hair styling product specifically formulated to provide a natural look with a strong hold. It is particularly effective for fine and thin hair, where it adds body and lift. Additionally, the powder is useful for enhancing natural curls and creating definition and texture. This product is reworkable, which means it can be adjusted throughout the day, and its hold is generally long-lasting, although it may not be as effective on thick hair or in humid climates.

One of the appealing aspects of UPPERCUT DELUXE Styling Powder is its lack of a noticeable scent, making it a subtle choice for those who prefer products without a strong fragrance. The powder is very fine and easy to apply. It is reasonably priced, though its value may be subject to personal opinion, especially considering some potential drawbacks. These include challenges in washing the product out, a sticky and heavy feeling if overused, and the possibility of leaving hair feeling dry, similar to hay.