V76 Vaughn V Rated Natural Wax Review


  • Provides a light hold.
  • Not ideal for long or thick hair due to lack of firmness.


  • Some find it sophisticated, while others find the scent overpowering.


  • Offers a mid-level sheen for a polished appearance without being overly matte.
  • Can appear clumpy if not applied within the optimal time frame.


  • Smooth, non-sticky texture.
  • Consistency makes for easy styling.


  • $20-$30.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for frizzy hair, providing soft hold without shine.
  • Suitable for dark, thick hair, offering a natural finish.
  • Best for short hair.

Does It Last?

  • Achieve desired styling with minimal product use, with an all day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Effortlessly washes out without leaving heavy residue.
  • Can requires a longer wash to fully remove wax buildup.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excess application results in extremely sticky hands, requiring immediate cleaning.
  • Overuse can lead to a dry, hard feel in the hair, causing stiffness.

Customer Reviews:

Sleek Finish for Short Hair

This wax is perfect for my short hairstyle, providing just the right amount of hold and sheen for a polished look. Its non-sticky texture makes styling effortless, and I've received compliments on the sophisticated scent. It's exactly what I needed for a natural, well-groomed appearance.

Too Light for Long or Thick Hair

I was hoping for a product that could handle my thick hair, but unfortunately, this wax doesn't offer the hold I need. It falls short in providing the firmness required for longer styles, leaving me to look for alternatives. While it might work well for others, it's not suitable for those with hair like mine.

Non-sticky Texture, Easy Styling

The smooth, non-sticky texture of this wax makes styling a breeze. I can achieve various looks without the hassle, and the light hold is perfect for a more natural style. It's a great choice for those who prefer not to have their hair feel weighed down or stiff.

Varied Ease of Washout

While the wax offers a polished look and is easy to apply, removing it can be hit or miss. Some days it washes out easily, but other times I struggle with wax buildup. It's something to consider if you're looking for a product that's consistently easy to remove.

Risk of Dryness and Stiffness with Overuse

Using too much of this product can leave your hair feeling dry and stiff, which is a significant drawback. It requires careful application to avoid compromising the natural texture of your hair, making it less appealing for daily use, especially if you're in a hurry.

Moderation Key for Best Results

This wax can provide a natural, polished look when used correctly. However, the need for moderation to avoid sticky hands and ensure easy washout adds a level of complexity to its use. It's a good product with a learning curve to achieve the best results.

Product Summary:

V76 Vaughn V Rated Natural Wax delivers a light hold, falling short for those with long or thick hair seeking firmness. Its scent, deemed sophisticated by some, may prove overpowering for others, illustrating a divisive aspect of the product. The wax achieves a mid-level sheen, aiming for a polished look without veering into overly matte territory. However, the risk of clumping without timely application may deter optimal use.

Priced at $20-$30, the wax boasts a smooth, non-sticky texture, facilitating effortless styling for a variety of looks. Despite its suitability for frizzy hair and dark, thick types seeking a natural finish, its performance is particularly noted for short hair. While it promises all-day hold with minimal application, the ease of washout varies, potentially requiring extended efforts to combat wax buildup.

The product's downside lies in its application; excess use not only necessitates immediate cleanup due to sticky hands but also risks leaving hair dry and stiff. This emphasizes the need for moderation to avoid compromising the hair's natural texture and manageability.