VERB Volume Spray Review


  • Provides hold and control without any stickiness.
  • Ideal for adding extra hold to hair between washes.


  • Fragrance is appealing.


  • Controls frizz and adds volume without flattening or greasing hair.
  • Provides a healthy, fuller look for thin hair without weighing it down or making it appear stringy.


  • Provides a subtle lift and texture, ideal for thin hair, without weighing it down.
  • Helps to hold hairstyles in place, offering a lightweight and natural-looking finish.


  • $20-$30.

Hair Type

  • Works wonders for thin, fine hair, making it noticeably thicker and giving it lift.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Initial effectiveness fades after a day, causing the hair to feel heavy and necessitating a wash.
  • Easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Can make hair greasy, lack volume, and have an unpleasant smell if too much is used.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold and volume

I absolutely love this volume spray! It provides excellent hold and gives my hair the perfect amount of volume. It's long-lasting and keeps my style intact throughout the day. Highly recommend!

Leaves residue and weighs down hair

I was disappointed with this volume spray. It tends to leave a sticky residue on my hair, which makes it feel greasy. Additionally, it weighs down my hair and makes it look flat instead of voluminous. Not happy with the results.

Provides natural-looking volume

This volume spray is amazing! It adds just the right amount of volume to my hair without making it look stiff or unnatural. My hair feels light and bouncy, and the volume lasts all day. Definitely a must-have for achieving beautiful, voluminous hair.

Decent volume, but strong scent

The volume spray does a decent job of adding volume to my hair, but the scent is quite overpowering. It's a personal preference, but I find it to be too strong and it lingers throughout the day. If you're sensitive to strong scents, you might want to consider other options.

Doesn't hold well in humid weather

I had high hopes for this volume spray, but it doesn't hold up well in humid weather. My hair tends to lose its volume and becomes flat and limp within a few hours. It might work better in dry climates, but for those living in humid areas, it's not the best option.

Average volume spray

This volume spray is neither outstanding nor disappointing. It provides some volume to my hair, but it's not as dramatic as I was hoping for. It's an okay product overall, but I've used better volume sprays in the past.

Product Summary:

VERB Volume Spray is designed to provide hold and control without stickiness, making it ideal for adding volume between washes, especially in cooler weather. Its scent is pleasant, though its volumizing effect is not as pronounced as some users expected, particularly in comparison to a previous Davines spray. Nevertheless, it effectively controls frizz and adds volume without flattening or making the hair greasy. The spray creates a fuller look for thin hair, providing a healthy appearance without weighing it down or causing it to look stringy.

The spray gives a subtle lift and texture, suitable for thin hair, and helps maintain hairstyles with a lightweight, natural finish. Priced between $20 and $30, it excels at thickening thin, fine hair and adding volume to straight, fine hair without heaviness. However, its lasting effectiveness is uncertain, with some users finding that it fades after a day, leading to hair feeling heavy and requiring washing. Overuse can result in greasy hair, reduced volume, and an unpleasant smell. Despite this, when used moderately, it offers an ideal balance of volume without making the hair feel heavy or sticky.