Viking Revolution Matte Pomade Review


  • Strong hold with no crispy feel.
  • Holds perfectly but can be too stiff if overused.


  • Mild scent is pleasant, not overpowering.


  • Provides a casual, matte finish without any greasy or shiny residue.


  • Adds texture to hair.


  • $10-15.

Hair Type

  • Best for straight and thick hair types.
  • Not recommended for wavy or long hair.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Not easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive use leaves hair greasy and unmanageable all day.
  • Applying too much results in a sticky mess that's hard to style.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold and easy to use

I love how easy it is to style my hair with it and the hold lasts all day.

Leaves residue and flakes

Unfortunately, I noticed that it leaves residue in my hair and flakes throughout the day.

Nice scent and good texture

The pomade has a pleasant scent and a smooth texture that makes it easy to work with.

Decent hold but not long-lasting

The hold is decent but I find that it doesn't last as long as I'd like.

Difficult to wash out

It's a struggle to completely wash out the pomade from my hair, even with multiple washes.

Average performance, nothing special

Overall, it's just an okay product with nothing particularly outstanding about it.

Product Summary:

The Viking Revolution Matte Pomade offers a strong hold without leaving a crispy feel, ideal for achieving a casual, matte finish without any greasy or shiny residue. While the pomade holds perfectly, it can become too stiff if overused. It has a mild scent that is pleasant and not overpowering, adding to the overall satisfactory experience of using the product.

Priced between $10 and $15, the pomade adds texture to hair, making it best suited for straight and thick hair types. However, it is not recommended for wavy or long hair due to its holding properties. Despite its strong hold that lasts all day, the pomade is not easy to wash out, which may be a consideration for potential users.

It's important to be cautious with the amount of product used; excessive use can leave hair greasy and unmanageable throughout the day. Applying too much can result in a sticky mess that is hard to style, highlighting the need for moderation in application to avoid any undesirable outcomes.