Willstar Hair Wax Stick Review


  • Provides a strong hold and natural-looking texture without stiffness or shine.
  • Lightweight and easy to apply, it gives the perfect amount of hold without weighing hair down.


  • The aroma of the product is subtle yet invigorating, adding a touch of freshness to your hair styling routine.
  • Scent might linger throughout the day.


  • The wax stick glides on smoothly, effortlessly helping me achieve my desired look.
  • It gives hair a messy textured look, without making it look greasy or dirty.


  • Perfect for creating texture and separation in short choppy hair.
  • Provides volume and texture without weighing down fine straight hair, keeping it from falling flat throughout the day.


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for taming frizz, flyaways, and achieving a smooth, polished look.
  • Works well on curly, frizzy, fine, thick, and wavy hair, providing noticeable improvements.

Does It Last?

  • The Willstar Hair Wax Stick is designed to provide long-lasting hold and style for your hair throughout the day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The Willstar Hair Wax Stick is incredibly easy to wash out of your hair, allowing for quick and hassle-free removal.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair can become greasy and sometimes sticky.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Long-Lasting

This hair wax stick provides an excellent hold that keeps my hair in place throughout the day. Even in windy conditions, my hairstyle remains intact. I love how long-lasting it is without feeling heavy or greasy.

Difficult to Wash Out

While this hair wax stick offers great hold, it is incredibly challenging to wash out. I have to shampoo my hair multiple times to remove all the residue, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. It would be better if it could be easily rinsed off.

Natural Finish

I appreciate how this hair wax stick provides a natural finish to my hair. It doesn't leave a shiny or greasy appearance, giving my hairstyle a more effortless and subtle look. It's perfect for achieving a casual yet put-together style.

Moderate Hold and Texture

This hair wax stick offers a decent hold and adds some texture to my hair. It's neither too strong nor too weak, making it suitable for various hairstyles. However, it doesn't provide the same level of hold as other products I've tried.

Overpowering Scent

The scent of this hair wax stick is overwhelming and lingers in my hair for hours. While some may enjoy the fragrance, I find it too strong and prefer a more subtle scent. It would be better if the product had a milder aroma.

Average Styling Performance

This hair wax stick works decently for styling, but it doesn't stand out from other similar products on the market. It provides an average hold and texture, without any exceptional features. It's a reliable option, but not particularly impressive.

Product Summary:

The Willstar Hair Wax Stick is designed to offer a strong hold and a natural-looking texture for hair without creating stiffness or unnecessary shine. Its lightweight formula ensures easy application, providing the right amount of hold without making hair feel heavy. The wax stick emits a pleasant and refreshing scent that enhances the overall hair styling experience and lasts throughout the day.

This product smoothly glides on, assisting in achieving various desired looks with ease. It is effective in creating a messy, textured appearance without giving hair a greasy or dirty look. Ideal for adding texture and separation to short, choppy hair, it also adds volume and texture to fine, straight hair without weighing it down. The product is priced between $10 and $20, making it a reasonably priced option for a variety of hair styling needs.

The Willstar Hair Wax Stick is excellent for managing frizz and flyaways, helping achieve a smooth, polished look. It works well across different hair types, including curly, frizzy, fine, thick, and wavy hair, providing noticeable improvements in hair styling.

Its unique formula is crafted for long-lasting hold, ensuring hairstyles remain intact for an extended period. This feature allows for confidence throughout the day, without concerns about hair losing its shape. Furthermore, the wax is incredibly easy to wash out, offering a hassle-free removal process. Its water-based formula means it can be rinsed out with just water, leaving no residue.

The product adds control to flyaway hair after blow drying, without leaving a greasy residue or build-up. Its lightweight formula provides all-day hold without feeling sticky or heavy, making the Willstar Hair Wax Stick a versatile and effective solution for various hair styling needs.