Woody's Grooming Web Review


  • Holds well, doesn't weigh hair down.
  • More hold than mousse or pomade.
  • Strong, moldable hold, little goes a long way.


  • Product has a slight smell.


  • Styling product makes hair look dirty due to shine.
  • Sticky/tacky texture, doesn't provide promised dry look.
  • Doesn't hold up in humid areas.


  • Can create tousled waves with semi-matte finish.


  • Product is inexpensive compared to similar ones.
  • Can be found priced around $10 to $20.

Hair Type

  • Best for thick, short, straight hair.
  • Adds too much volume to already thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • Product lasts all day hair.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Difficult to wash out of hair.
  • Not water soluble, hard to remove.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair feels sticky and greasy.
  • Residue stays on hands.

Customer Reviews:

Strong Hold, Good Price

Really impressed with the hold this product provides, and it's quite affordable compared to similar products. It holds my hair in place all day without weighing it down. The only downside is that it has a slight smell, but it's not too noticeable. Overall, a great purchase!

Disappointing Shine and Texture

I was excited to try this styling product, but I'm not a fan of how it makes my hair look dirty due to the shine. The texture is also sticky and tacky, which doesn't provide the promised dry look. On top of that, it doesn't hold up well in humid areas. I won't be repurchasing this.

Works for Short, Thick Hair

This product works best for my short, thick, straight hair. I can create tousled waves with a semi-matte finish. The only issue is that it's a bit difficult to wash out and not water soluble. Be careful not to add too much, as it can make your hair feel sticky and greasy.

Product Summary:

Woody's Grooming Web is a hair styling product that has received mixed reviews from users. While some users found that the hold was not great even with short hair, others liked the hold and shine that the product provided. Some users found that the product held well but had a bad smell, while others found that it had a great hold and was easy to wash out. Users also reported that the product held well in strong winds and did not weigh hair down.

Compared to mousse or pomade, Woodys Grooming Web provided more hold and was the only product that held hair in the desired position. Some users found that the product had a strong hold but no shine, while others found that it had a strong, moldable hold and that a little went a long way. Some users were searching for a matte clay that smelled good and wanted a strong hold without a bad scent.

Users reported that the smell of a hair product was important to them, and some found that other styling products made their hair look dirty due to shine. Woodys Grooming Web, however, kept hair in place and looking good all day without making it look wet. Some users found that the product had a sticky or tacky texture and did not provide the promised dry look. While the product had a low shine, it did not look good in humid areas.

On the positive side, Woodys Grooming Web created tousled, beachy waves and added volume and body to hair. It provided a matte, textured finish and was inexpensive compared to similar products. However, it was best for thick, short, straight blonde hair and added too much volume to already thick hair. It was recommended for oily fine hair.

While the product had a long-lasting effect, it was difficult to wash out of hair and was not water-soluble, making it hard to remove. Some users found that the product made their hair feel sticky and greasy, and residue stayed on their hands. While the product could give volume, it had a heavy hold.