Woody's Headwax Styling Pomade Review


  • Great hold without hair gel stiffness.
  • Holds hair well.


  • Smell lingers in hair.
  • No overpowering odor.


  • Not suitable for fine, straight hair.
  • A little goes a long way, can provide shine and control.


  • Flexible hold, natural texture.


  • $10 to $25.

Hair Type

  • Great for thick hair, adds shine.
  • Not suitable for thick curly hair.

Does It Last?

  • Product lasts in hair for up to 24 hours.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Product washes out easily with water.
  • No residue or buildup left behind.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair feels greasy and heavy with too much product.
  • Product can leave residue and bad smell.

Customer Reviews:

Perfect for Thick Hair

This product is amazing for my thick hair. It holds well throughout the day and adds a nice shine. Plus, it's easy to wash out, which is a big plus for me.

Not Suitable for Curly Hair

I have thick curly hair, and this product did not work for me. It didn't hold well and left my hair feeling heavy.

Good, But Not for Fine Hair

The product holds well and has a nice smell. However, it doesn't work well with my fine, straight hair.

Worth Every Penny

At first, I was hesitant about the price, but it's worth every penny. The hold is strong but doesn't feel stiff, and the smell is subtle and pleasant. Highly recommend it!

Unpleasant Residue

I was disappointed with this product. It left a greasy residue in my hair and an unpleasant smell when I used too much. Washing it out was more difficult than I expected.

Decent Product, Be Careful with Quantity

The product provides a good hold and texture. However, if you add too much, it can make your hair feel greasy. Start with a small amount and add more if needed.

Product Summary:

Woody's Headwax Styling Pomade is a versatile hair styling aid that strikes a balance between effective hold and avoiding the stiffness typically associated with hair gels. While its holding power has received mixed reviews, with some finding it lacking, others appreciate its ability to maintain hair styles effectively.

A notable feature of this pomade is its agreeable fragrance, which adds a pleasant touch without overwhelming the senses. Users have noted that it imparts a healthy appearance to the hair, lending itself well to creating tousled, beachy waves. It's adept at adding volume and body, all while achieving a matte, textured finish, which is a sought-after look in contemporary hairstyling.

Priced between $10 and $25, Woody's Headwax Styling Pomade is particularly beneficial for those with thick hair, where it can add shine and manageability. However, its suitability for fine, straight hair or thick, curly hair seems to be limited, suggesting that it may work best for specific hair types.

In terms of longevity, the pomade is designed to last up to 24 hours, offering enduring hold and control. Its washability is another plus, as it can be easily removed with water without leaving any residue or buildup.

However, users should be cautious with the quantity used; applying too much can lead to undesirable greasiness and heaviness in the hair. There have also been mentions of residue and an unfavorable smell if overapplied. On the upside, when used sparingly, it delivers shine and control, making a little of the product go a long way.